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caringanon: i don't think i got the impression just 'cause you were posting about it. like you post about things that don't absolutely inflame you a lot of the time. it's more in the type of things you post, though that could just be 'cause the people you're reblogging from are angry. and just you all of sudden seemed harsher. and i honestly don't feel like i can do anything about it, no matter how i feel about it. i don't know enough or have the right skills.


I may be a little inclined to snark at people who are behaving in obviously evil ways.

Well, if you can’t do anything about it, then I would say regard the lack of emotional involvement as a great opportunity not to feel totally helpless and powerless because you care a lot about something you can’t do anything about anyway.

My advice: If you are upset with the evil in the world, and can’t fight it, just go make good happen somewhere else. Browse random tags and send anon love. Make someone some cookies. Do a thing because it is worth doing, even if there’s no obvious relation.

To borrow from Terry Pratchett:

You may as well know this. Down in the deepest kingdom of the sea, where there is no light, there lives a type of creature with no brain, no eyes and no mouth. It does nothing but live and put forth petals of perfect crimson where none are there to see. It is nothing except a tiny yes in the night. And yet… it has enemies that bear it a vicious, unbending malice, who wish not only for its tiny life to be over but also that it had never existed. Are you with me so far?

"Well, yes, but — "

Good, now, imagine what they think of humanity.

Be the tiny yes in the night.






why would you ever idolize cops when firefighters exist

yeah seriously have you ever heard of “corrupt firefighter” 

what would a ‘corrupt firefighter’ even be. he put out that fire with a little TOO much water. he was a little rough with the cat he rescued from a tree for a little old lady

I’m really sorry Tumblr, but… ummm… ‘corrupt firefighters’ are generally ‘hero-aspiring-arsonists’ and it’s a documented issue.

Why Do Firefighters Commit Arson?(2013)

An article that focuses on firefighter arsonists in the USA, particularly South Carolina, states: ‘Every year, something like 100 firefighters are arrested for arson-related crimes. In one year, 1994, South Carolina alone charged 47 firefighter-arsonists, besting their 1993 record of 33 arrests. “It happens more than you think,” former federal agent Daniel Hebert told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Really, it goes on way more than anyone knows. We don’t know about most of them.”’

Australian government on Firefighter Arson (2005):

"When a firefighter turns arsonist, it will usually be out of a desire for excitement or as a way of gaining attention and recognition. A firefighter craving stimulation or activity may start a fire before reporting for duty. There are cases of firefighters who have started a fire, reported it and attended the fire with their unit in the hope of being seen as the hero who saves the community. In other cases the motive may be to gain self-esteem through a demonstration of power and control. Some fires may be lit by aggrieved firefighters who feel they have been treated badly in some way by their organisation or community. There will also be a few who start fires for profit, such as those seeking overtime payments or those paid on a piece-basis when they attend fires.”

From a SCFC study for South Carolina around 1994: 

"Who are these firefighters who weave back and forth between the role of knight and knave? Using existing research into the psychology of arson, the Forestry Commission has developed descriptors that present a general profile of the firefighter arsonist. While these are still being tested for reliability, law enforcement officers in South Carolina say they are remarkably accurate:

White male, age 17-26

  • Product of a disruptive, harsh, or unstable rearing environment
  • Poor relationship with father, overprotective mother
  • If married, poor marital adjustment
  • Lacking in social and interpersonal skills
  • Poor occupational adjustment, employed in low-paying jobs
  • Fascinated with fire service and it trappings
  • May be facing unusual stress (family, financial, or legal problems
  • Average to above-average intelligence but poor to fair academic performance

In South Carolina, those firemen who were charged with serial arson were unpaid volunteers. Why do they set fires? Obviously not for monetary gain, so the answer is necessarily a lot more complicated.

The descriptive profile suggests that these young men have very little to bolster their self-esteem except their role as heroic firefighters. Noted arson researchers Lewis and Yarnell (1951) support this idea in their description of the “would-be hero” arsonist:

“ … men with grandiose social ambitions whose natural equipment dooms them to insignificance.”

National FBI research conducted at about the same time as the South Carolina study resulted in many of the same findings. While the FBI study (Huff, 1994) showed most firefighter arsonists worked alone, many South Carolina cases involved several firefighters from a single department. This is similar to group behavior in adolescents, suggesting that insecurity and lack of maturity are indeed significant in the psychology of firefighter arsonists.”

Anyone has the capacity to be corrupt or to commit crimes, and Firefighters are no exception.  We should be wary of putting any public servant on a pedestal because of the work they do or the hero status associated with it.  Where I live, the very idea that people ever start fires on purpose is…  just mind boggling (I live in Australia) but people do it. A significant amount of those people are the very people who are supposed to heroically protect us from these fires.  The heroism these arsonists are seeking relies on the idea that firefighters are a special brand of selfless hero.  It’s nice to think there might be an incorruptible force in the world, but that idea does more harm than good.

On the one hand, it’s sad to find this out, on the other hand, that is absolutely fascinating.